Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Ten Critical Moments That Sealed Her Fate

She was a lock.
She was a cinch.
She was inevitable.
History would guarantee this. Surely, it was a done deal, right?
So how did Hillary blow it? What happened?
If you look back, you may find that ten critical moments sealed her fate. In no particular order, here they are:

1) What difference at this point does it make?
Hillary's meltdown (if that's what it was) at the congressional Benghazi hearing was not merely grossly insensitive but also downright bizarre. Who (if anyone) told her to react this way and utter these words? Four Americans were dead. What was she thinking? What possessed her to utter these words? Inexplicable.

2) The meeting on the tarmac.
Bill Clinton seems to have a penchant for derailing every Hillary plan and every campaign. His plane-to-plane meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch in Arizona was pungent with the scent of corruption. Interestingly enough, had it not been for a local TV reporter who acted on a tip, we might have never known about it.

3) You mean like with a cloth?
When Hillary was asked if she had wiped her server clean, this was her phony, condescending answer. It was so transparently bogus that it would be laughable if it weren't so insulting.

4) The deplorable rant.
In one shockingly arrogant stroke Hillary dismissed vast portions of the population. And she did it with neither cause nor evidence. In shrill, destructive tones she let loose with a slew of invectives that gave new meaning to the term "scorched earth."

5) The Comey merry-go-round.
It doesn't matter any more whether or not FBI Director Jim Comey thought Hillary was prosecutable. What matters is that he kept the whole business alive with three big pronouncements whose timing acted like a trio of massive body blows. Even when he supposedly let her off the hook, he was damming her. Perception is reality.

6) Weiner World
The revelation that hundreds of thousands of Hillary-related e-mails were found on Anthony Weiner's computer added sex (and Rasputin/Huma) to the mix. And once sex becomes part of a scandal, it's not only more sordid but it suddenly piques everybody's curiosity.

7) Mrs. Smiley Face
So, they spent zillions of dollars on studies which came back with this conclusion: Hillary needs to smile more. But when there's no authenticity, there's no ebb and flow, no rhythm. Consequently, Hillary smiled throughout the debates, even during discussions of war, famine, disaster, etc. People were left to wonder: What is it with this woman?

8) The Timmy Show
Tim Kaine turned out to be an awful, awful choice. We're told Hillary decided on Kaine months ahead of time and apparently kept it a secret. Now we know why. His debate performance was a disaster and he proved to be a dreadful campaigner.

9) The collapse.
Hillary fainted. She collapsed. She was overcome by the heat. She was dehydrated. She had a virus. She had pneumonia. Because the campaign's first instincts were to lie when this happened (and to take its time doing it) the whole incident was magnified and compounded. It became a three-day carnival of incompetence.

10) Standing by Debbie and Donna and Huma and John and . . .
Hillary never fired anybody. Even when they were caught, she couldn't bring herself to can them. She simply shuffled them. Turns out she was shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic. And, let's not forget, she was running against a man who made the phrase "You're fired!" famous.

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