Monday, November 28, 2016

VERY IMPORTANT News From Christie Tomorrow?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has scheduled an announcement for 11:30 tomorrow (Tuesday) morning in the Statehouse rotunda in Trenton.
The event, originally scheduled as a press conference has been changed to an announcement with no availability for questions from the media.
Hmmm . . . 
We hear that the announcement will be significant and there is even some speculation that Christie will be leaving his post as Governor.
Some say Christie is not necessarily set for a major cabinet post in the Trump administration but he may be in line for some other type of assignment, perhaps at a lower level.
It's possible that may be what's happening.
Could it be?
Or is it something else?
The Governor loves to surprise and he loves to seize the spotlight. He's also an incredible survivor who has a knack for bouncing back from adversity.
With Christie, anything can happen.
Stay tuned . . . . 

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