Saturday, November 19, 2016

Once And For All, Let The Show Speak For Itself!

Last night Vice President Elect Mike Pence was booed at the performance he attended of the Broadway musical Hamilton. They started booing him as soon as they knew he was there.
And, on top of that, instead of being invited backstage to meet the cast, he was rebuked by the actors during a post-performance lecture. And he was lectured, not about our constitution or our history or the brave men and women through the ages who fought and died for our freedom -- no. Instead, he was lectured about diversity! Well, that is the Holy Grail of liberalism, isn't it?
The scolding was said to be "all about love."
But liberal love is really all about pontification, condescension and, ultimately, intransigence and intolerance.
Because liberals want to preach their message while you listen and listen and listen. But, should you disagree with them, they're most assuredly not interested in listening to you.
So, instead of acknowledging his election, congratulating him and giving the Vice President Elect a chance to at least begin to serve (or simply allowing him to be just another member of the audience) President Elect Trump's running-mate was treated to a semi-saccharin-coated dismissal.
We suppose he'd better get used to it -- at least along the Great White Way.

Yes, we love Broadway. But we abhor the effete, dogmatic, dismissive uber liberals who populate so much of it. In a world of magic, mirth and creativity, they're a dreary reminder of the perils of unithink.

As for Hamitlon, there's absolutely no need for sermons. The show speaks for itself. Period.

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