Thursday, August 17, 2017

Don't Let THEIR Devious Strategy Trap YOU!


Here is a very special message from

ISIS terrorists killed 13 people and injured 80+ in Barcelona this morning.

The stories are horrifying. Tragic.

And now CNN is asking: Was this a Charlottesville copycat?

And yesterday morning, the baby-butcher cheerleaders at NARAL tweeted: “Anti-choice groups & white supremacists have something important in common: They both want to control women’s bodies.

Are you noticing the trend?

If you are pro-life, conservative, Republican… or if you don’t believe in mob rule -- then obviously you must be a racist, KKK-loving, neo-nazi enemy of America. And if you refuse to fall in line, and kiss the ring of the new ruling class, you will be shamed into submission.

The strategy of the Left is working brilliantly.

Many people I talk to feel trapped. They detest the racist “alt-right” fringe, who opposes everything they profess and stand for. But they feel threatened…even scared to speak up for what they believe lest they be trashed and slandered by the Left-wing mafia and the mainstream media.

We made clear in our message on Monday --- racism is evil. Period. And it must be opposed.

But the Radical Left wants to seize on this crisis and use it to advance their progressive revolution. This morning a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Illinois -- the Land of Lincoln -- was burned (and not in an area where the alt-right exists). Meanwhile, prominent left-wing commentators are now wondering aloud whether we should “blow up” Mt. Rushmore.

No, this isn’t a joke. 

The truth is the radical Left has completely taken over the Democratic Party. And their allies in the media are eager to pitch in and help them in every way possible. They’ve created a climate where they think good and decent Americans will sit down, shut up, and call it quits. Never let a good crisis go to waste. Remember?

Well, I’ve had enough.

The vast majority of Americans are nothing like the small band of neo-nazis who marched last weekend. What happened in Charlottesville was a disgrace. Racism persists in America. And it must be opposed.

Furthermore, people can debate the merits of President Trump’s response all they want. Did he say enough? Quickly enough? Were segments of the commie “Antifa” counter protest inciting violence too?

But I won’t sit by and allow millions of good people to get smeared by radical left-wing activists who are now exploiting this tragedy. 

Online websites like Facebook, GoDaddy and Airbnb are refusing to do business with neo-nazi groups. Good for them. But if a Christian business owner requests the liberty to not participate in a same-sex wedding -- they are shamed and sued.

This is not an apology for moral equivalency.

But the evidence is now clear.

This isn’t just about Charlottesville anymore.
Brian Burch

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