Saturday, August 26, 2017

You Won't Believe The 'Before' And 'After'!

Shown above, the Whiten House oval office before current renovations. Under President Obama it took on an exceptionally informal look with striped wallpaper, velour-like sofas and almost modern cobalt blue lamps with the presidential seal downsized and the president sitting on the desk. The place looked almost like a contemporary hotel lobby.

But now, look at the oval office, below, after President Trump's renovations, with the exceptional influence of First Lady Melania Trump. The iconic space is once again classic with traditional influences and understated tones. Gold drapes have been introduced against a soft wallpaper with a barely discernible pattern. Traditional lamps are back along with appropriate furnishings, flags of our military services with battle ribbons and a rug that adds majesty to the whole environment. Note how the chairs (left foreground) match the drapes and how the colors gently blend together. Now, this is the oval office! Thank you, President and Mrs. Trump!

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