Saturday, September 23, 2017

25 Things To Do Instead Of Watching An NFL Game

When you think of the amount of time that's wasted on these inane NFL games -- time that does nothing but feed a bloated league and so many crybaby, ungrateful football "stars." 

Well, when you think of it . . . just think of all the other things you could be doing.
Here are 25 of them:

1) Play touch football with your friends.
2) Go for a bike ride.
3) Fix that leak. Or that flat tire. Or that squeaky door. Or, whatever needs fixin.
4) Call a friend you haven't spoken to for a long time. Yeah, actually call so you can hear his/her voice again.
5) Take your kids to a family movie.
6) Go for a long walk.
7) Go to a library. Discover a book you want to read and actually start reading it.
8) Volunteer in your community.
9) Visit a museum.
10) Take the kids to the playground.
11) Help your neighbor with a project that he/she needs assistance with.
12) Call and/or visit your parents. Try it: "Hello, mom?"
13) Discover a new hobby.
14) Coach your kid's sports team.
15) Take an online course on something you've always wanted to learn more about.
16) Go to a concert.
17) Go camping.
18) Get involved with a local civic or community or political group.
19) Discover a new sport. Try pickelball. 
20) Play scrabble or some other old fashioned board game.
21) Make dinner for your spouse.
22) Go to the theater.
23) Get involved with your church. Start by attending Sunday services.
24) Take a day trip.
25) Use your imagination . . . . . . 

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