Friday, January 19, 2018

Exciting TV News: THE ADVOCATES With Dan Cirucci

Dan Cirucci discusses his upcoming new TV Show, THE ADVOCATES with Dana Dewedoff of Midday with Dana and Matt Rooney of the Save Jersey Blog.

We've got VERY exciting news for you today.
THE ADVOCATES with Dan Cirucci will soon debut on RVN-TV, a new internet TV network.
Our new show will be called THE ADVOCATES because everyone is an advocate for one thing or another, whether you realize it or not.
We'll be talking about politics and the popular culture every week and we'll be interviewing some of the most accomplished and fascinating people you can image -- leading professionals in many fields and people who hold a wide variety of views. You'll learn about interesting people, how they got where they are today, how they view the world around them and why they hold the views that they hold now.
Keep following us right here on the Dan Cirucci Blog for updates on The ADVOCATES and watch for our ADVOCATES Facebook page also coming soon.
This is a whole new chapter for us. Don't miss it!

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