Saturday, January 27, 2018

Sometimes, They Really DO Report REAL News!


Daily Mail 
In Switzerland, President Donald J. Trump has been advocating for America, meeting with key American allies, and making a pitch for better trade deals. “We want great prosperity and we want great peace,” the President told reporters.
Bloomberg News 
The U.S. economy continues to accelerate, with the “longest stretch of 3 percent-or-better growth since 2005.” American consumer confidence, business investment, and a rebound in housing all led to strong numbers. “Tax cuts championed by President Donald Trump have fueled expectations of an extended boom in capital spending and buoyed household confidence.”
This week the United States announced new sanctions on North Korea aimed at stopping the country’s nuclear weapons development. The sanctions also urged China and Russia to expel North Koreans who raise funds for these programs.
The Daily Caller
First Lady Melania Trump visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum on Thursday to pay respects ahead of today’s International Holocaust Remembrance Day. “My thoughts and prayers are with the people whose lives and families were broken by the horrors of the Holocaust. Yet it is also through our shared humanity that we come together now in commemoration, strength, and love,” the First Lady said.
Home Depot joined a growing list of corporations “using new tax benefits to invest in their workers” by offering bonuses to employees of up to $1,000. As the U.S. labor market tightens, bonus payments and wage increases can “help incentivize current employees to stick around.”
Financial Times 
On Thursday afternoon, the U.S. dollar “staged a comeback” on a “show of support” from President Trump, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at a new record high.
The Washington Post 
On Wednesday, the Senate voted to confirm Alex Azar as the next Secretary of Health and Human Services. The vote marked the “third time that Azar has won Senate confirmation,” given his previous administration experience serving at the Department of Health and Human Services.

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