Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Live Blogging The State Of The Union - Part 1

President Trump is expected to strike a more conciliatory tone tonight. Let's see what happens . . .

My guess is that this is the year he will put the Dems on the spot, leading up to the midyear election. He will reach out to to try work with them again and again. If he's unable to do any deals with them, it will be on them heading into the election and he'll hit them hard with it.

The President looks great as he arrives in the chamber. He's wearing a bright blue tie -- a nice, cool, conciliatory color.

Melania Trump is all in white. She looks ravishing, as usual.

The President has been up in the polls of late. His numbers are creeping up and people are looking at the tax legislation more and more favorably every day.

Here we go . . . . .

"We have gone forward with a clear mission and a righteous vision, to make America great again for all Americans."

The President is peaking slow and clear, enunciating beautifully. And right from the start, he begins introducing ordinary, everyday American heroes. This is an approach that was pioneered by Ronald Reagan, The Great Communicator.

To those recovering from the natural disasters of the past year: "We are with you, we love you and together, we will always pull through, always!"

Now the President singles out "The Legend From Louisianna, Congressman Steve Scalise!"

Here he asks everyone to "come together not as Republicans or Democrats but as representatives of the people." And now, Schumer applauds somewhat but, defiantly, Pelosi refuses to applaud.

"The state of our union is strong because our people are strong."

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