Wednesday, March 18, 2020

A Fresh, Economical, Healthy Choice Right Now!

Here is a very special message from Basciani Foods of nearby Kenett Square, PA:

Rows and rows of beautiful, fresh mushrooms here on the Basciani Farm. 🍄

There is, of course, an abundance of information on the amazing health benefits of mushrooms; immunity support, vitamin D, probiotics, etc. Beyond the nutritional value, mushrooms are very flavorful and a great meat companion or meat substitute.

Despite the Pa shutdown, our crops have not shut down. Mushrooms will continue to grow and our farmers will continue to farm. So, please show some support for your local mushroom farmers and all farmers around the world. Don’t skip the produce section on your next grocery run, add some mushrooms to your pizza when ordering take out, blend mushrooms with your ground beef for a better burger (kids won’t even know).😉🍄 #themightymushroom #kennettsquare#mushroomcapitaloftheworld

If you’re staying away from the stores but still would like fresh mushrooms, please give us a call 610-268-3044

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