Saturday, March 21, 2020

Five More Important Stories You Shouldn't Miss!

Trump Signs Coronavirus Aid Package with Paid Sick Leave, Free Testing
-The Hill
“President Trump on Wednesday signed into law a multibillion-dollar emergency aid package aimed at helping Americans impacted by the coronavirus,” Morgan Chalfant reports. The bipartisan measure, resulting from negotiations between the Trump Administration and Congress, “includes provisions offering paid leave benefits for Americans, bolstered unemployment benefits and free diagnostic testing for the virus.”
🎬 President Trump: “I want to thank all Americans for coming together”
Vice President Pence: We Need the American People’s Help to Fight Coronavirus Now
-USA Today
“Now is a critical time. As the President said on Monday, over the next two weeks, there are actions that every American can and should take to help us slow the spread of the coronavirus. If we succeed in limiting the number of new cases, then we can dedicate more resources to the most vulnerable and save lives,” the Vice President writes.
🇺🇸 Do your part: 15 days to slow the spread
With the Coronavirus Pandemic, Trump Administration’s True Leadership on Display
-Washington Examiner
“This week, one of President Trump’s most outspoken critics, Gov. Gavin Newsom of California, said this about the president and his team’s response to the cruise ship in Oakland: ‘Every single thing [Trump] said, they followed through on. Every single thing,’” Reps. Dr. Roger Marshall (R-KS) and Dr. Brian Babin (R-TX) write. 
Crises Demand the (Completely Constitutional) Use of Major Presidential Power
-New York Post
President Trump has taken strong actions to “address supply shortages, help the financially vulnerable and see us through this,” Josh Hammer writes. “Trump’s use of a wartime law to mitigate public-health concerns amid an outbreak accords with [a long] tradition of presidential leadership.” 
No Need to Hoard: There’s Plenty of Food in the System
“Don’t be fooled by the barren grocery store shelves: There’s plenty more food on the way. Meat, dairy and produce groups as well as federal regulators say the U.S. has an ample amount of products in cold storage to handle the unexpected demand for food and household products from Americans,” Ryan McCrimmon and Catherine Boudreau report.

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