Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Testa: NJ Will Move Quickly To Help Families

New Jersey State Senator Michael Testa Jr. reiterated his commitment to help families, schools, and businesses struggling to cope with the effects of the coronavirus crisis, saying he looks forward to supporting more than a dozen bills Thursday, in the Senate.

When the Senate convenes for a session Thursday, Sen. Michael Testa said he will continue his resolve to help families and businesses during the coronavirus crisis. (CDC)

“This follows our resolve to ensure that during this crisis, businesses are afforded the utmost respect,” said Testa (R-1). “The is a crucial package of pro-business and pro-employee legislation. I will proudly vote yes and put New Jersey first.”

The Assembly approved the expansive list of relief bills on Monday. After passing the Senate, the measures will to Governor Phil Murphy’s desk for his signature so they can begin helping those suffering from the pandemic.

“We are facing an unprecedented crisis that is making people sick, disrupting daily life, impacting the world as we know it, and devastating the economy,” said Testa. “We are all in this together. The COVID-19 and its repercussions are being felt across the State, across the nation, and across the globe. The bills we’ll approve on Thursday, coupled with the resiliency and strength of the people of New Jersey, will help make our State a leader in the battle with the coronavirus.”

New Jersey has more than 250 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and three people have died in the State. For the most up-to-date numbers, click here.

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