Friday, June 12, 2020

America's Ugly Grand Opera Of Recrimination

Detail from Rodin's Gates of Hell.

It's a very disheartening time.
The country has been caught up in a near hysterical state. Zillions of people have watched, over and over, a man literally suffocated to death over a period of 8+ minutes. It's been hammered home relentlessly.
Barbaric. That's the only way to describe it. Barbaric!
Why did it happen? We don't really know the full story. These two guys knew one another -- worked at the same sketchy "nightclub." Apparently the white cop (Chauvin) had some kind of perceived gripe against Floyd. And the white cop had a record of misconduct. A bad record.
It also seems that Chauvin's wife has a brother who's also a police officer.  Small world or just incestuous?
And the Minneapolis police do not have a good record -- and this (as elsewhere) in a solidly Democrat town that's been that way for more than half a century. In fact, nearly all these riots occurred in towns under entrenched Democrat rule -- solidly one-party cities under iron-clad liberal control with all sorts of liberal programs to help blacks and other "marginalized" people.
It all stinks.
But none of this matters because right now it's all about emotion. People have been whipped into a hyper frenzied state. It's like an endless grand opera of recrimination -- an ugly, cacophonous opera.
And the Democrats (and their radical friends) are experts at playing on fears and emotions. So, this is good news for them and they want it all to continue. Plus, the facts mean nothing here because if they don't square with the media/liberal narrative, they'll never be reported. They will be squashed. And when the facts do come out it might be too late anyway.
Note that the media aren't really doing any credible investigative reporting. Instead, they mostly fan the flames. They're in the propaganda business now -- all liberal propaganda all the time, for the most part. Journalism is nearly non-existent.
Forget institutional racism for a moment. What we've got now is a sort of institutional mob rule -- mob rule aided and abetted by the very institutions that are supposed to protect us from exactly that.
So, increasingly, the mob makes the rules: demand, censor, intimidate, threaten, rampage, burn, destroy, coerce, vanquish any and all opposition, at any cost. Make no mistake about it -- this is an insurrection.
And on that cheerful note, have a great weekend!

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