Thursday, June 11, 2020

Time To EXPOSE Phil Murphy For What He Is!

Since the beginning, it's been clear that Phil Murphy is faking his way through the COVID Crisis. At a time when the livelihood of New Jersey families and businesses are at risk,  NJGOP says "we deserve better."

Whistleblowers from inside the Murphy Administration continue to raise concerns, calling Murphy's leadership " an unmitigated failure" that has led to "preventable deaths".

Meanwhile, Murphy is avoiding questions after he violated his own Executive Order.

It's time we expose Murphy for what he is. NJGOP has launched a new website to hold him accountable. 
While Murphy is more worried about public perception than PPE and media coverage than medical expertise, we must stand up for New Jersey families that have been put at risk due to Murphy's lack of leadership.

For months, Phil Murphy has been winging his way through the COVID Crisis, basing the future of New Jersey on what his gut tells him to do on any given day. We must put an end to it.

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