Friday, June 12, 2020

Lawless In Seattle, Defunding, End Of Mnpls.

Here’s What President Trump Is Doing to Help Underserved Communities, Minority Businesses
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
“I joined the president Thursday in Dallas as he hosted a roundtable at a church. Included in the discussion were faith and community leaders and small-business owners who discussed solutions to historic economic, health, and justice disparities in American communities,” writes Ashley Bell of the White House Opportunity & Revitalization Council.

🇺🇸 President Trump: I will never stop fighting for forgotten Americans
Lawless in Seattle: City Lets Anarchists Seize Downtown Blocks
New York Post
“Even for 2020, events in Seattle are bizarre: Armed radicals have taken over six blocks downtown, with the de facto blessing of city officials,” the New York Post editorial board writes. “This has nothing to do with any legitimate protest”—it’s a violent gang power grab, encouraged by the mayor’s appalling weakness.
No Police = No Opportunity. Without Law Enforcement You'll Have This
—Fox News
“Proponents of ‘defunding’ the police claim to be seeking justice and equality for minority communities. It’s the right goal, but the approach risks moving our country in the opposite direction,” Brian Brenberg writes. “Economic opportunity requires the peace and security that effective law enforcement provides.”

🎬 President Trump: We will not defund, dismantle, or disband our police
Cancel Cancel Culture
National Review
“We would prefer that people be treated with grace rather than opportunistic cruelty and with charity rather than pettiness,” the National Review editorial board writes. “We worry about the consequences of cancel culture. But we are much more intensely ashamed of it and what it says about the current state of the American heart.”
'Going Out of Business' in Minneapolis
“Minneapolis was a beautiful city with a promising future and unlimited potential. Gateway to the ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes.’ Home of the Mall of America and a top tourist destination for sports fans, families, and college students. Notice I say was,” Tom Tradup writes. “Because over the past two weeks Minneapolis has pretty much hung out the ‘Going Out Of Business’ sign on the outskirts of town.”

MORE: Factory damaged in riots will leave Minneapolis, owner says

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