Thursday, July 16, 2020

Kids Set Up For Failure, Backing Police, Etc.

President Trump, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and other leaders are pressing states and localities to do everything they can to reopen America’s schools safely this fall.

The cost of missing school—especially for rural and low-income students—is staggering.

“In Jackson [Mississippi], like in many other districts, school officials essentially gave up on requiring remote learning last spring . . . Preliminary research suggests students nationwide will return to school in the fall with roughly 70% of learning gains in reading relative to a typical school year, and less than 50% in math,” Tawnell Hobbs writes in The Wall Street Journal.

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“A planned ‘march against violence’ across the Brooklyn Bridge by police officials, clergy members and other activists was disrupted by ‘agitators’ who assaulted a group of officers, leaving one with a broken eye socket,” Charles Creitz reports for Fox News.
“Federal authorities announced terrorism charges Wednesday against a leader of MS-13, continuing a nationwide crackdown against a notorious street gang that President Donald Trump described as ‘vile and evil,’” Jim Mustian reports. “‘We believe the monsters who murder children should be put to death,’ Trump told reporters at the White House.” Read more in The Associated Press.
“Bari Weiss, a high-profile editor and writer for the New York Times opinion section, resigned Monday, citing what she said was unchecked bullying from colleagues and depicting the news organization as a place where the free exchange of ideas was no longer welcome,” Jeffrey Trachtenberg and Lukas Alpert write in The Wall Street Journal.

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