Sunday, July 19, 2020

NJ MUST Investigate Nursing Home Deaths!

New Jersey State Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, joined by Republican Senators Joe Pennacchio, Anthony M. Bucco, Steve Oroho, Kristin Corrado and Michael Testa, issued the following statement in response to coverage in The Star-Ledger questioning why the Legislature has failed to act on important hearings to investigate the State’s pandemic preparedness.
Senator Tom Kean and Senate Republicans today called for a Senate Select Committee to immediately begin investigating the Administration’s response to COVID-19. (
“The hearings we called for more than two months ago aren’t happening, and we’re all angry and frustrated. Mistakes were made that cost thousands of people their lives in nursing homes, and we recognize the crucial need to understand what led to the mistakes. Delays and foot-dragging are costing us time we cannot afford to lose.
“In a letter on May 20, we called for the formation of a Senate Select Committee with subpoena power to investigate the Administration’s response to COVID so we can understand what happened, learn from errors and prevent it from happening again.
“That’s why our entire caucus supported this effort and voted for the committee creation even as some Democrats moved to block our efforts.
“This must happen immediately. It is beyond time for this committee to meet.”

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