Thursday, September 24, 2020

Four Stories You Must Not Miss!

“Over the course of 14 monthly ‘blitz operations,’ a decidedly unlucky 13% of the Made-in-China packages inspected have contained a type of counterfeit product or other contraband that can defraud, harm, or even kill Americans,” write Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan and Assistant to the President Peter Navarro in Fox Business.
“On a daily basis, nearly 90,000 Americans are being assaulted in one form or another through small parcel mail by unscrupulous Made-in-China exporters.”
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The Department of Justice introduced draft legislation to Congress yesterday aimed at curtailing Big Tech’s liability shields. “Currently, online platforms have been able to weaponize government protections initially implemented to encourage stripping down obscene content to selectively censor unwelcome narratives, i.e., conservative viewpoints,” Tristan Justice reports in The Federalist. 
“In an effort to prevent potential COVID-19 outbreaks in high-risk communities, the Trump administration said it has started shipping rapid coronavirus tests to more than three dozen historically Black colleges and universities . . . Each school is expected to receive between 3,000 and 10,000 tests initially, and they will be resupplied ‘as often as they need,’” Francesca Chambers and Grace Asiegbu report for McClatchyDC. 
“Since the city of Portland disbanded its gun violence reduction team July 1, shootings have increased and homicide hit a 30-year high. According to [Portland Police Association President Daryl] Turner, Portland Mayor and police commissioner Ted Wheeler has realized defunding the police force ‘was a mistake,’” Angelica Stabile reports. Read more in Fox News.

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