Wednesday, September 30, 2020

As It Happened: The Calamity In Cleveland!

Here are my unedited, spontaneous observations on the debate last night as they happened, in chronological order as the debate unfolded, from beginning to end:

  • Biden just referred to Amy Codey Barrett as "The Justice." Apparently she's already been confirmed.
  • Biden: "The party is me. I AM the Democrat Party right now!"

  • Chris Wallace is already losing control of the debate. President Trump is not giving an inch.
  • President to Wallace: "I guess I'm debating you, not him. But I'm not surprised!" Biden looks pained -- gaunt with bulging forehead veins.
  • Biden keeps laughing but he's like Jello. It's hard to pin him down on anything. He refuses to show his hand.
  • Wallace is a dreadful moderator. He can't control the debate and he has failed to ask a single tough question of Biden. 
  • Wallace is debating Trump -- not Biden -- and he's giving Biden every advantage. They have Trump on the defensive now.
  • Wallace keeps cutting Trump off and extending Biden more time. This looks like a stacked deck. As soon as Trump starts making an important point, Wallace cuts him off. Meanwhile Wallace is feeding openings to Biden.
  • I gotta say: Biden's false teeth are distracting. They look cheap. He's a used-up slick "career" politician with a phony, false-looking smile. A real Joker. Sly, cunning and ultimately deadly.
  • Wallace continues to argue with President Trump and extends every privilege to Biden. Didn't we all know this was gonna happen?
  • Wallace continues to feed Biden time and opening lines.
  • Wallace has completely lost control of the evening. He simply can't do his job. Both Biden and Wallace are apt examples of the smugness, dissuasiveness, disdainful attitude  and feigned righteousness of the deep state. Biden has learned his lines well but his beady eyes are a dead giveaway.

  • Biden continues to flub words and search for words. And now he's pretty much said that he supports defunding the police. He's engaged in avoidance. But now Trump nails Biden: He can't name one law enforcement group that supports him. Also, Biden can't bring himself to say "law and order." And Wallace won't let Trump  defend himself or rebut Biden -- and Wallace.

  • Wallace is completely out of his league. He's a tired old self-exalting "journalist" who craves the spotlight -- but it's time to bring the curtain down. The act is over.

  • Biden is a slick, old once-upon-a-time snake oil salesman who has wound up like an aged, tin horn punk. Smirking to buy himself time until he collects his disjointed thoughts. It's sad to watch. God help us if this man is elected.

  • Wallace should be fired. He lost it tonight. As a former teacher, I can tell you that you don't control a loud, raucous, out-of-control classroom by raising your voice.

  • Biden just said "our military have been voting by ballots since the end of the civil war." Well, I should certainly hope so. How else would they vote?

  • Biden called the President a "racist" a "liar" and a "clown," accused him of using dogwhistles and told him to "shut up, man." This from the man who promises to provide a quieter, more peaceful, more civil, more "normal" America. Good luck with that!

  • Tomorrow President Trump will be up early, assuming presidential duties, and campaigning tirelessly. Biden? He'll probably call a "lid" on public events before lunch time.

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