Saturday, November 28, 2020

Why We're So Much BETTER, Not Bitter!

  Though Some May Call Us “Bitter” . . . 

Some say that we’ve turned bitter

But that’s demonstrably untrue

In fact we’re actually better

For each day that we start anew.

We’ve fought the fight worth fighting 

With passion and resolve

We’ve nothing to be ashamed of

And no reason to dissolve.

Instead we must press onward

And continue to grow our cause

Let us welcome legions more

And do so without pause.

We’ve encountered a bump in the road

So what? We’ve gained a whole lot more

We’re strengthened by our adversity

And have only begun to soar.

Lies, cheating and chicanery

Will hardly dissuade us now

Nor will intimidation

Or your disfavor, or petulant scowl.

No, we will not retreat to a quiet corner

And we feel no compulsion to obey

We created and defined this movement

And will continue to show the way.

You won’t tear America from us

Your insults we’ll not abide

We love our country too much

To let this vision slide.

So, go ahead, call us bitter

If that makes you feel first-rate

You’ll only fool yourself

And be burdened by that weight.

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