Sunday, October 26, 2008

Best Of Austin!

On Friday night here in Austin we ate at Truluck's (pronounced True Luck's) steak and seafood restaurant.
Trulucks is upscale and sophisticated with a sleek atmosphere, hip patrons and a pianist who plays show tunes and light jazz.
The place specializes in Alaskan king crab and other specialities. The martinis are big, icy cold and perfectly mixed. For dinner, we enjoyed trout and halibut and both were prepared to perfection.
On Saturday we lunched at Guero's Taco Bar. Guero's has been around for a long time and it is a mecca here in Austin. Everything - corn tacos, chips and salsa - is made on the premises. We enjoyed both steak and chicken tacos. This is how good the fresh made corn tacos are: You can eat the taco alone and enjoy it.
For dessert we headed across the street on Congress Ave. to Hey, Cupcake - a trailer that serves the best cupcakes in Austin. The standard cupcake (vanilla cake with chocolate icing and a shot of whipped cream on top) is two bucks and it is the dreamiest cupcake you will ever eat -- light, fluffy with a silky icing. Two people can share one of these cupcakes and each will enjoy an extraordinary sweet treat. I'm told that 5.000 cupcakes a day are sold from this trailer and I can believe it.
Of course we still longed for some real Texas barbecue so we saved that treat for dinner.
We journeyed up toward West Lake and Bee Cave to enjoy County Line BBQ on the hill. We watched a spectacular sunset over Texas hill country while we ate chicken and beef brisket barbecue.
BTW: The weather in Texas is beautiful this time of year. It's been sunny every day with temperatures in the mid to high 70s. The huge sky is blue, blue, blue. The sun is gentle and it shines at just the right angle. The evenings are cool and relaxing. There is little or no rain. It's one day after another just like this. Wonderful!

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