Monday, October 13, 2008

"Palin's a C_ _ T!"

Friends of ours who live in center city say that these fourescent tee-shirts declaring "PALIN IS A C _ _ T!" are frequently sighted on Philly sidewalks.
This photo shows four of the Palin haters outside the Park Hyatt at the Bellevue where Palin made a recent fund-raising apperance. These four were part of a group of hundreds of leftist thugs who showed up to jeer and disrupt the event. Like their counterparts in Manhattan, they are loud, crude, and grossly intolerant. Their chants could be heard blocks away even in the upper reaches of a residential high rise.
These are the same people who preach to others about tolerance. But these people are also the same ones who want to eliminate all opposition speech. To them, tolerance means one thing: "Agree with us, or shut up!"
By comparison, that woman in Naples with the "We R So Screwed . . . " sign seems tame, indeed. Warning to Naples lady: Be careful. The speech thugs may be on their way.
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