Sunday, October 5, 2008

Love, Laughter and Light!

Over the weekend we attended a gala fund raiser for the Lauren Rose Albert Foundation held at the beautiful Tavistock Country Club in the tiny community of Tavistock adjacent to historic Haddonfield.
Tavistock's spectacular view and leafy setting makes it one of the most appealing spots in the region and the Lauran Rose Albert Foundation dedicates itself to helping less fortunate young women who need a hand in completing their educations. The Foundation also reaches out to single mothers through its generous and caring Mothers Matter campaign.
Our dear fiends Susan and Stuart Rose have been the guiding forces behind the Lauren Rose Albert Foundation which was established in memory of their daughter.
Lauren grew up in Woodmere, N.Y. and Cherry Hill, N.J. with her parents and her younger sisters Jackie, Amy and Elizabeth. She was the wife of Dr. Todd Albert and the mother of Stuart, Elliot and Emily.
On February 18, 1999 Lauren was a passenger in a vehicle that tumbled down a hillside in Morocco, killing her. She was only 40.
For her parents, sisters, friends and colleagues – and for her own family – Lauren was an inspiration. She had integrity, self-discipline and strength of character; she always spoke up and stood up for what she believed was right. And she fought for her beliefs with determination and dignity.
These are the qualities that inspire the Lauren Rose Albert Foundation.
Established in 2000, this private, not-for-profit organization offers women’s community service and educational programs that reflect the credo that Mothers Matter – a tribute to a mother’s love – helping needy women and their children; a cause close to Lauren’s heart.
It was such a joy to share an evening with Susan, Stuart, other family members and all those who remember Lauren with their love, generosity and caring.
Bravo to the lauren Rose Albert Foundation!

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