Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Brokaw: Disaster

Tom Brokaw was a disaster last night.
A disaster.
Look, this is a rule none of us should forget: Know when to move on. In your career, in your life, in everything you undertake you must never overstay your welcome. If you do, you run the very real risk of becoming stale and out of touch.
As time goes on you become a not-very-kind charicature of yourself.
Brokaw, a former NBC anchorman, needs to move on. He should not be moderating presidential debates. He was awkward, wooden and unable to control the flow of discussion.
For now, Brokaw should stick to writing books.
As for the audience, they were not much better. Audience members sat there like a bunch of deer in headlights.
The setting was uninspired and the questions were dumb.
The whole thing was stilted and the evening was b-o-r-i-n-g.
If you missed it, consider yourself lucky.


Anonymous said...

that's funny... replace the name Brokaw with McCain in this piece, and that's what i thought of the debate!!

Dan Cirucci said...

Interesting observation but McCain was actually a helluva lot quicker and more alert than Brokaw.
While Brokaw was seated and near-loconic, McCain was on his feet the whole time delivering sound, cogent responses and raising important issues.
I wonder if you or I could be as effective as McCain in such a setting at the same age and with the same history of life experiences and setbacks.
I wonder if we'd even make it past the first 35 minutes.
Could we? Would we?
Think about it, friend.

Anonymous said...

with all his extensive "experience", and running for PRESIDENT, i sure would have liked him to look better, sound better, and say something about his position w/o mentioning obama every 3 seconds.

Radu Gherman said...

The debate was a joke. Brokaw should have either let them run the show, or let the audience ask their questions. I was looking forward to a town hall, not a poorly moderated debate like we've had so far.
That said, I do think that McCain came off as a bit condescending, and even a bit hostile. I've heard of his temper, but I thought that civility was a law in public discourse. "That one" is making all of the headlines today.
I like the John McCain I knew back when he didn't have a shot. He was funny, and relaxed. He wasn't last night. He tried to take Obama on, and he ended up alienating the audience he was supposed to relate to.

Dan Cirucci said...

You may be right, Draco.
But if Oprah (and other Obamaniacs) can call Obama "The One" them McCain can call him "That One."