Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yeah, Let's Fight!

Tomorrow all of the Sunday talk shows and all of the "elite" big city dailies will be leading with stories about the "anger" of John McCain's supporters and the chattering class will declare that outright "hatred" seems to have infected the McCain campaign. Don't be fooled.
Yes -- McCain's Army is Angry. Very angry.
And yes, a lot of the anger is close to (or could turn into) hatred.
But it's not Obama that the McCain troops are angry at.
And it's not Joe Biden or Michelle Obama that are the targets of the anger -- even though Obama, Biden and Michelle are hardly favorites among McCain loyalists.
No, the McCain crowd isn't really angry at any of them.
It's John McCain who has aroused the anger of McCainiacs. It's McCain that they're angry with.
They're angry because McCain isn't honing his messages clearly enough, isn't touching on the right issues, isn't perfecting his attack, isn't pounding away, isn't fighting hard enough.
These people know McCain is a warrior who fights for what he believes in and they want to see him fight, really fight. They want to see the fight in his eyes and hear it in his words and understand it in his actions. They know that time is short and if the battle is to be brought to the fore then it must happen now - because they know they can win.
McCain raised their expectation before the last debate by indicated he would lead the charge. Then, when he climbed into the ring, he delivered a tepid performance at best.
Yes, there are others who are sources of frustration and anger -- most notably the media. Still, McCain's people understand that they don't have a helluva lot of control over the mainstream media.
But they do like to think that they might have some sway over McCain.
In politics you simply don't get to win the top prize without fighting like hell, especially if you're not an incumbent.
So, don't buy all that nonsense about hatred and vitriol. There's more than enough frustration to go around.
But, it's a renewed fighting spirit that the McCain people are interested in -- what FDR used to call "a good fight." It's the type of spirit Truman used to relish and Reagan used to excel at.
That's what the crowd wants: Stand up, lead the charge, fight, win!


Anonymous said...

If the crowds at McCain and Palin rallies aren't angry at Obama, then who are they referring to when they yell "traitor," "terrorist," and "off with his head"?

I don't think that the plain language and words of what the rally attendees are saying squares with what you've written here.

Radu Gherman said...

C'mon now. McCain got booed by a crowd because he corrected a supporter by telling her that Obama is not an Arab.
You've got to blame his campaign for creating the kind of atmosphere where that kind of mis-information really matters; you've also got to credit McCain for correcting the old lady; and you've got to wonder where you can find such ignorant people. Honestly, in the age we live in, with all of this information whizzing by, how are there people left in this country that are that apathetic and ignorant. And to make it worse, these troglodytes won't even listen when you try to teach them something. That's the real tragedy, right behind the sorry state of the economy.

Sean Schafer said...

This is the real tragedy.

Radu Gherman said...

Tragedy, huh. Because those kids know what they want to be when they mature, or that they can articulate their preffered candidate's policies?
Ever been to a ROTC/JROTC event?
I admit this may cause you to look twice, because they're wearing BDU bottoms.
But that's it. Again, please specify what the tragedy is.

Sean Schafer said...

Ha! Logic tells me your kidding, but your tone seems to convey an actual stance of support for this video. First, let me start by mentioning the teacher who organized the event has subsequently been fired. Second, this is the proper spelling of preferred. Third, why does this video look like something straight out of the belly of the Hitler Youth? Is this the Fourth Reich?

The tragedy is pal, these kids have been brainwashed, forced, undoubtedly through the lack of options, to participate in the Stalinesque pursuit. After this video, they go to march around the Washington Monument as if it’s the Red Square. Anyone who supports marching in a militaristic style in support of a mere human is too much of a yahoo for me. What ever happened to a fundraising event? You know, they could bake cookies and have a dance, hell they could even go door to door panhandling like the other Obamanites that came to my house the other day. That way they can support their guy and make some money to put in his collection plate.

My question is, at what point does this peaceful battalion become an actual battalion? ROTC and JROTC are training programs for the youth of this country. They prepare the youth to protect this country later on in their lives. To compare the two is idiotic and na├»ve. I know you drink Obama’s milk but really, how are you supporting this video? “Tragedy, huh. Because those kids know what they want to be when they mature, or that they can articulate their preffered (sic) candidate’s policies?”… Is that shit real? I hope not.

One last thing, if you’re going to have opinions, use your real name. People will respect you more. How can I respect the opinion of someone who is too afraid to stand behind his or her words? Hell, you could even hide behind a fake name, no one will know. Ponder that.