Monday, October 27, 2008

MLB Sucks!

It was greed.
Greed, greed, greed!
The runaway greed of professional sports prevented the Phillies from winning the world championship last night.
Baseball should never be played this late in the year. Never. But now they've gotta have playoffs on top of playoffs on top of playoffs to the point where you need a damned computer to figure out where we are in the playoffs. More games; more money.
It's almost November. It's cold. It's damp. It's sloppy.
No time for baseball.
But $$$$$ drive the game now.
OK, that's strike one.
Then, everybody knew it was gonna rain. So, this game should have been played on Tuesday AFTERNOON so that it could be finished. After all, baseball was meant to be played in DAYLIGHT anyway! That's the way the game's supposed to be played.
But once again, greed won. The TV audience and commercial bucks drive the game. That means you have to play it and air it during prime time. This creates a circus atmosphere, a drunken orgy and next-day working stiffs who are googly-eyed if they get into work at all.
That's two strikes.
And then finally, they went and changed the damned rules. They HAD to tinker.
Under the old rules, the final Rays' run in the 6th would have been undone, and -- believe it or not -- the Phillies would have won the game 2-1 and won the World Series.
But as I understand it, the rule was changed in 2007. Now, the game is suspended and will be resumed where it left off.
This new rule is dumb.
How in hell do they resume the game tomorrow?
How do you suspend the World Series in the middle of a game?
Strike three!
Major league Baseball: You are OUT!

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Anonymous said...

Dan, this is the first time I've ever agreed with you, on anything.

Dave W