Thursday, October 16, 2008

'Spread The Wealth?'

What is the purpose of taxes?
According to everything I've ever learned taxes are collected so that the government can have the money that is needs to provide essential services to the people.
Seems pretty simple to me.
But now it seems that some people are trying to redefine the whole concept of taxes and the very role of government.
They're telling us that taxes need to be collected to redistribute income.
They're saying that if we don't agree to have our hard-earned money taken away and given to people who they think need it more than we do well, then we're just not "patriotic."
They're saying that taxes must now be imposed as a way of punishing success.
So, "wealthy' people will just have to be penalized.
And guess who gets to decide who's "wealthy?" Why, it's the same people who are going to do the penalizing -- the same people who are aiming to collect the money and redistribute it.
They define. They decide. They redistribute.
These people who want to turn taxes into a predatory system for redistributing wealth basically want to change the definition of and the role of government.
Today, they're suggesting that $250,000 may be a good definition of "wealthy." But since they get to decide when we've earned enough money, who knows what their definition may be tomorrow. $200,000? $150,000? $100,000? $75,0000?
We don't know.
They call this "spreading the wealth around."
I call it socialism.

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