Thursday, August 25, 2011

'Blockbuster' Hits Streets Tuesday, August 30

Some people say it will have heads exploding in Washington.
Others say it will send the mighty and powerful running for cover.
The whispers about it inside the beltway are beginning to get louder and soon they will turn to shrieks.
It's bold. It's brash. It's unapologetic.
No, I'm not talking about the recent earthquake or the upcoming hurricane Irene.
I'm talking about Dick Cheney's big new book, In My Time. Finally, The Sphinx speaks. And in this book, he's expected to tell all -- all the tales he's been keeping and holding through a long career that made him the penultimate Washington insider and culminated with his two terms as one of the most influential vice presidents in American history.
One thing that's already been revealed: As vice president, Cheney kept a secret letter of resignation hidden away in a safe because there really was no clear constitutional procedure in case he became incapacitated or unable to serve. And Cheney was concerned about his sometimes precarious health and how it might impact his ability to perform. So, the letter was ready in case it was needed and presumably those close to him knew how to access it if necessary. Even in a state of incapacitation, Cheney was determined to be the master of his own fate -- at least as vice president, anyway.
In My Time hits bookstores and downloads on Tuesday, August 30. Watch for it.

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