Sunday, August 21, 2011

But Standard's Hayes Thinks Christie MAY Run

Stephen F. Hayes of  the Weekly Standard admits that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie doesn't want to run for President but still says there's a possibility that Christie may run if Congressman Paul Ryan doesn't run.
According to Hayes, Christie and Ryan had an extensive telephone conversation about the GOP presidential race and the two of them agreed that they are disappointed that no one among the current crop of Republican candidates has adequately addressed the mounting US deficit -- not the way it ought to be addressed; not with Christie's bluntness and not with Ryan's mastery of facts and figures.
Ryan (the technician) feels he's got the solution. Christie (the activator) feels that he's demonstrated so far in New Jersey that he can get it done.*
So, the way Hayes explains it, Christie told Ryan he doesn't want to run but he feels somebody must take this issue and run with it. And Hayes leads us to believe that Christie would support Ryan if Ryan did just that.
And Christie's not the only one who's been encouraging Ryan. Similar encouragement has been coming from Karl Rove, Jeb Bush, Senators Ron Johnson and John Cornyn, Bill Bennett and other mainstream Republicans and heavy hitters.
We're told that Ryan will probably make up his mind about this sometime during the coming week.
As for Christie, Hayes indicates he's waiting to see what Ryan does.
Click here to read what Hayes has to say.
*BTW: What about a Ryan-Christie or Christie-Ryan ticket?


Josh said...

Christie appears to be the alpha dog-type and I don't think he would accept being VP, especially since VP is essentially a figurehead position. And unless Paul Ryan were to stay in the Presidential race so long that he COULDN'T run for re-election to his House seat, he'd be better off staying in the House, where he has tons of power.

Either one of them would face very long odds to get the nomination because they'd be getting into the game very late in the process. But either were to get the nomination, they'd be more likely to pick a running mate who could pick off a swing state or a different constituency. Someone like Marco Rubio.

Dan Cirucci said...

Agreed, Josh.
The hour is getting late.
But I think more and more Republicans are licking their chops as they see Obama faltering.
Well, they shoulda thought of that sooner and/or they shoulda stuck their necks out.