Sunday, August 21, 2011

George Will Explains Why Christie Won't Run

Pulitzer Prize- winning columnist George Will has a beautiful piece in which he makes a compelling argument as to why New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will not run for President.
According to Will, there are several reasons: Christie doesn't feel he's ready; he won't abandon his family for the grueling national contest; he's got a lot more to do in New Jersey and, he likes being the nation's most powerful governor.
Anyway, here's an excerpt:

Christie was one of the first rocks on which President Barack Obama's overrated political potency crashed. In 2009, Obama campaigned for Gov. Jon Corzine and against Christie in July, October and the Sunday before Christie won handily. No one outside of Washington has made more political waves in the last 20 months than Christie, and no one inside Washington has been as successful.
But he has four children, ages 8 to 17, he will not abandon for presidential politics. When he visited a workaholic aide during her difficult labor before her daughter was born, he said, "Put away your BlackBerry, you are in the middle of a miracle."
Click here to read Will's column.

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