Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Philly Tea Party Remembers Joey Vento

While remembering his remarkable contribution to the Tea Party movement, members of the Independence Hall Tea Party Association are mourning the loss of Joey Vento, who died yesterday of a massive heart attack.  

"Joey Vento,  recipient of our 2011 Patriot of the Year Award, will never be forgotten--he is simple irreplaceable,"  said Association President, Teri Adams.

"The April 18 Press Release (below) sums up our Association's view of a genuine Tea Party hero and legend."  

Teri Adams Announces Joey Vento as
Tea Party Choice for 2011 Patriot of the Year
Live on WPHT's Dom Giordano Show 

Association Names Joey Vento 2011 Patriot of the Year;
 Says Vento Exemplifies the Entrepreneurial and Civic Spirit
the Movement Espouses

Philadelphia, PA (April 18, 2011) -- The President of the Independence Hall Tea Party Association has announced that businessman Joey Vento has been unanimously chosen by its Board of Directors to receive the "2011 Patriot of the Year Award" for his Entrepreneurial and Civic contributions at the local, regional, and national levels.

Speaking at a Tea Party held April 15 at Geno's Steaks (a restaurant Mr. Vento established in 1966 at the corner of 9th and Passyunk) and carried live on WPHT's Dom Giordano Show, Association President Teri Adams explained why Mr. Vento was chosen.

"Joey Vento has been a friend to Philadelphia, the region, and the nation," said Ms. Adams. "As a South Philadelphia businessman and employer, 
Mr. Vento has benefited the local economy.  As a philanthropist, he has supported justice for fallen police officer Daniel Faulkner, an array of regional law enforcement causes, and various other charities. 

"As a concerned American, Mr. Vento has been an outspoken proponent of legal immigration--backing Arizona in its struggle to enforce the laws on its books against the intervention of the Federal government, " Ms. Adams said.  "He has defended the First Amendment, advocated for superior health care, and promoted the Tea Party Movement."

Several Years ago, the Philadelphia Human Relations Commission tried to penalize Mr. Vento for posting a sign on the wall of his establishment, which read, "When Ordering, Please Speak English."   Mr. Vento fought the 
Commission and eventually prevailed.

More recently,  Mr. Vento, who was diagnosed with cancer and successfully treated, has taken to the airwaves--buying radio spots comparing the advantages of the private American healthcare system to the deficiencies of socialized medicine.

"Joey Vento spoke at our very first Tea Party two years ago," said Ms. Adams.  "The nearly two thousand participants loved his heartfelt sincerity, his honesty, and his common sense.  He is the Tea Party Movement."

The "2011 Patriot of the Year Award" will be officially presented to Mr. Vento at the Association's Energy Independence Day Tea Party to be
held July 4 from 1-4 PM on Independence Mall, 5th and Market Streets.

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