Sunday, August 21, 2011

Superintendent-As-Diva Eying Cache Of Cash?

Karen Heller's got some zingy comments on the depressing Arlene Ackerman brouhaha in Philly. The School Superintendent as diva has business leaders trying to assemble a not-so-secret fund to buy her out of her contract.
Here's an excerpt from Keller's column at the Inquirer:
This may be a perfect teaching moment in Philadelphia politics. Here we have another weak, kowtowing board overrun by an imperious autocrat [Ackerman] who fosters a cult of personality, a reactive mayor unwilling to take control of the problem, and the permanent power establishment working behind the scenes to fix a problem the board made in the first place.
Mayor Nutter likes to boast about how clean his administration is. True, but the problem is he hates getting dirty, handling tough negotiations with unions or City Council. His aversion is a foolish approach in this city.
Click here to read the whole column.

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