Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Philly: Who Put Up The Dough For Ackerman?

Yo, Philly: We all know the whole Arlene Ackerman deal stinks.
And we all know that's it's reflective of the shabby era of bossism, cronyism and one-party rule that has infected the town for more than six decades.
It's just one of the reasons why Philadelphia has been dubbed the "dumb belt" and why for years people defined "Philadelphia style" as drowning without making any waves.
So many in the city -- even the town's so-called business and community leaders -- seem to have lost their capacity for outrage. Are they really all "corrupt and contented?"
It would seem so, since more than a few of them appear to be part of this slimy deal.
Today, our friend John Baer speculates in the Philadelphia Daily News about who those influential "contributors" were who put up the $400.000+ in private money to help buy out Ackerman at a cost nearing one million dollars.
Was a Campbell Soup heiress part of the deal? What about the Comcast honcho who dines with the president on Martha's Vineyard? And how about that soda bottling magnate who's listed as one of the richest people in the region?
Oh well -- the fish rots from the head, down.
Click here to read Baer's column. It's a gem!

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