Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NJ: Damned Right, We'll Accept Federal Help!

Some friends are accusingly asking conservatives in New Jersey: "Will you now gladly accept federal aid for Irene recovery when you've consistently call for cutting federal largesse?"
These liberals must think this is an important "gotcha" moment. It isn't.
The correct answer to their inane question is: "Why not?"
Consider this: Federal data shows New Jersey gets less from Washington for each dollar in federal taxes paid than any other state -- 61 cents per dollar.
So yes -- we'll take the money; especially since we're losing 39 cents* on the dollar and it was our taxes that put the money there in the first place.
When I hear liberals (and much of the media, for that matter) singing the praises of federal grants and outlays as if they were part of some vast treasure of found money -- like the proverbial  pot of gold at the end of the rainbow -- I scratch my head in amazement.
Remember what Ronald Reagan said: It's your money. You paid the taxes. You put that money there in the first place. Government doesn't turn a profit. It makes no money on its own. Pretty much whatever money it gets comes from you.
Now New Jersey needs the money -- our money. And we'll happily accept whatever we can get back from the federal government.
*Memo to Senators Lautenberg and Menedez: Why does New Jersey STILL rank last on return of federal tax dollars? Why . . . . . ?

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