Monday, October 29, 2012

As Sandy Approaches, Christie Blasts Shore Mayor

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is angry.
He's angry at the Mayor of Atlantic City.
His angry because the Mayor has not followed his directive in the wake of hurricane Sandy.
Christie blasted Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford today for putting his people in harm's way. Despite the Governor's order to evacuate all barrier islands including Atlantic City, Langford instead told his people to stay in the city and head to shelters dangerously close to water. Currently, one such shelter is flooding and it is too dangerous to send rescue crews out to rescue those stuck there. Because of Langford's inaction and what Christie calls "lack of leadership", some people in his city may die.
Christie hopes to be able to send federal search/rescue crews into the city as soon as possible in the morning when the worst of the storm moves on. The number of people stuck and potentially drowning in the shelters is unknown.

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