Sunday, October 28, 2012

Will Voting Be Disrupted, Delayed By Sandy?

Has anybody thought about the effects of this storm on next week's voting?
You can be sure certain politicians are already thinking about the questions that follow, and other questions.
Have voting machines been delivered to polling places yet?
If they have, what if those polling sites become flooded and the machines die? Just a relatively small amount of water can kill an electronic (computerized) voting unit.
If the machines haven't been delivered, what if they can't be delivered in time for the election?
What about all the people who have been/will be displaced? Will they get back in time to vote? Will the voting places still be there? Will electricity still be out in certain areas next Tuesday? My bet is, it will.
Who will be unable to vote? How many voters, and where and for how long? Can the time for voting be extended for additional days?
As I understand it, federal law requires that the election be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.
But, what if the election is somehow is extended, or not concluded on Tuesday, next? That could be a prescription for major shenanigans.
Stay tuned!

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