Monday, October 22, 2012

Live Blogging Presidential Debate - Part Six

Now Romney begins to unload more.
He says we've projected weakness to militant Islam and to thugs and dictators throughout the world.
And he goes through a litany of the ways that Obama projected weakness -- including the "apology tour" which Obama says "is not true."
And then Obama brings up another petty issue -- his contention that Romney is invested in China companies and industries.
Romney shoots back: "You said America has been divisive and you said we dictated to other nations." That's why Romney says he called it an "apology tour."
But Obama now talks about his own trip to Israel because Romney notes that Obama, as president, visited the Arab countries but skipped Israel. But Obama visited Israel as a candidate FOR JUST 32 HOURS.
And so Romney goes through the litany of Obama foreign policy failures and the chaos in the world again and Obama shoots back by saying that on foreign policy Romney is "all over the map."
And Obama keeps telling personal stories and engages in pathos-inducing tales. You can almost hear the violins.
Obama insists he's given us "clarity of leadership.'
Obama is basically saying what he's always said:  "I know better. Trust me."
ALERT: Schieffer is once again not letting Romney rebut.

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