Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Obama 'Divorce Papers' To Be Revealed Wednesday?

Hey, it's October of a presidential election year.

And anything can happen -- anything!

We hear that all kinds of October suprises may (or may not) be on the hroizon.

Gloria Allred reportedly has a bombshell to reveal about Romney -- maybe something about his taxes, maybe not.

And there have been reports that someone who went to college with President Obama will reveal that Obama sold cocaine when he was a student. Tue or not? Who knows?

And then there's Donald Trump who says he will reveal something about Obama this week (probably tomorrow and probably on Twitter and/or Facebook) that will be "very significant." Trump says this is "big" and that it will definately make news.

So, what is it that Trump supposedly has on Obama? Someone who knows Trump says he thinks he's figured out what Trump will disclose tomorrow. Douglas Kass, a Florida investor says this: "High above the Alps my Gnome has heard that Donald Trump will announce that he has unearthed divorce papers between the Prez and his wife."

Well, if that's what Trump is about to present, it's not exactly new. In his book 'The Amateur,' author Edward Klein said that the Obamas came close to divorce in 2000 following Obama's hugely unsuccessful attempt to win a House seat from Chicago. Michelle was said to be disenchanted with her husband at the time and angry that he had supposedly jeopardized  their future for political gain, and lost. Word is that Obama was so depressed then about the possible breakup of the marriage that some friends were concerned he might even become suicidal. That was in the eighth year of their marriage. They've just celebrated their 20th anniversary. Seems they've worked things out.

But were divorce papers actually prepared? And, if so why would Trump have them? Where might he have gotten them from and why does he think they might be significant? Is this the whole story or is this just part of it? And if this really is what Trump has and it really is the whole story (nothing more, or less) then we're left to wonder what makes the story so big. Unless, there are details in the supposed divorce papers that involve other matters that would be cause for public concern.

Stay tuned.

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