Monday, October 22, 2012

Live Blogging Presidential Debate - Part Seven

Obama now wants to talk domestic again -- and caring for veterans.
And once again he's telling personal stories and patting himself on the back.
OBSERVATION - Schieffer has slowed down this debate, compared with the other debates.
And that's not a bad thing.
This debate seems in many ways (despite Obama's sometimes pettiness) to be more thoughtful, more serious, more real -- more like a real discussion.
And here's what it's showing us (particularly now as Romney talks about Pakistan). It's showing us that Romney is up to this; he's not reckless; he's not quixotic; he understands the countries and the issues and the impacts. He's ready to be President of the United States.
I have a hunch this could be the final argument -- the closer for Romney. I think that this could be people the final level of comfort that want (and need) to go ahead and vote for Romney -- to put him in charge of the country.
But now suddenly Obama equates himself with the nation: "This nation; ME; MY administration." Hmmmm . . . "I AM the state. I AM the law." He's testy now.

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