Monday, October 22, 2012

Live Blogging Presidential Debate -- Part Three

Romney sees freedom in Syria as a high priority -- but without military involvement.
And he brings up the issue of getting arms "into the wrong hands."
He sees "a critical opportunity" in Syria and "we should be playing the leadership role there." Romney says the president has not been steady and has tried too many different approaches in Syria.
But Obama doesn't want to talk about Syria -- now he turns things back to Libya and again accuses Romney of flip-flopping.
Obama says he's pursuing "steady, thoughtful, leadership."
Romney reiterates that we should not "have our military involved in Syria."
And again Schieffer gives Obama an entree and Obama says Romney "has no different ideas" from Obama himself.
What Romney should be saying is that Obama has sent both allies and foes throughout the world "mixed signals" and this is dangerous. Romney has not yet said that -- nor has he spoken forcefully enough about the need for American strength and leadership.

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