Monday, December 31, 2012

Catholic Vote Needs Your Help To Fight HHS Mandate

Dear CV Friend, 

One more day until the HHS mandate becomes a reality.

Starting tomorrow, many businesses will either be forced to pay for abortion pills in their health care plans or face ruinous fines.

That's why we're fighting the constitutionality of this mandate in federal court.

Help us with your tax-deductible contribution today! 

Your support fuels our legal defense against this egregious HHS mandate.

Right now we are working on an emergency appeal to temporarily stop the mandate while our lawsuits proceed. We have won one and one more is pending. 
That's why your support is needed right now!

And to thank you for your contribution, we'll send you a special gift.

Thanks for all you do for the CatholicVote.

Brian Burch, President

P.S. Our year-end promotional gift specials continue. That means you can help us fight the HHS Mandate, and get a great gift in return. Click now to make a year-end gift.

If you wish, you can mail your gift to the following address: Education Fund
P.O. Box 2709
Chicago, IL 60690 

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