Saturday, December 29, 2012

Notable 2012 Deaths: How Many Do You Remember?

The first person to walk on the moon. A great general who led us through a successful military campaign. A singer and multi-talented entertainer whose troubled life after fame and fortune came to a sorry end. A legendary football coach defamed by scandal. A childrens' author with lessons for adults. Two hugely popular artists who catered to the masses and two Oscar winners. A trailblazing comedienne, three giants from the early days of TV, a former queen of country music and a toe-tapping country picker. The image of eternal youth and a TV reporter who's piercing questions made the powerful squirm. These were among those we lost this year.
We bid farewell to all of them and ask: How many of the following (listed in chronological order) do you remember?

Etta James

Joe Paterno

James Farentino

Don Cornelius

Angelo Dundee

Ben Gazzara

Whitney Houston

Dory Previn

Davy Jones

Andrew Breitbart

Earl Scruggs

Thomas Kinkade

Mike Wallace

Dick Clark

Charles Colson

Maurice Sendak

Nicholas Katzenbach

Vidal Sassoon

Carlos Fuentes

Donna Summer

Robin Gibb

Doc Watson

Richard Dawson

Ray Bradbury

Rodney King

LeRoy Neiman

Nora Ephron

Ytzhak Shamir

Andy Griffith

Ernest Borgnine

Celeste Holm

Kitty Wells

William Raspberry

Alexander Cockburn

Sally Ride

Sherman Hemsley

Tony Martin

Gore Vidal

Marvin Hamlisch

Judith Crist

Helen Gurley Brown

William Windom

Phyllis Diller

Neil Armstrong

Hal David

Sun Myung Moon

Steve Sabol

Andy Williams

Arthur Ochs Sulzberger

Barry Commoner

Alex Karras

Arlen Specter

George McGovern

Russell Means

Letitia Baldridge

Larry Hagman

Hector Comancho

Dave Brubeck

Jenni Rivera

Ravi Shankar

Daniel Inouye

Robert Bork

Charles Durning

Jack Klugman

Norman Schwarzkopf

Jean Harris

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