Saturday, December 29, 2012

Giants And Jerks: Best And Worst Of 2012

Who were the year's biggest winners and losers; the best and the worst; the giants and the jerks?
Well, where do you wanna start?
There are just so many to pick from.
But we always like to be positive (at least as much as we can) and we also like to roam widely. So, in no particular order and without regard to area of success or failure, we'll begin with the winners.

The Winners, The Best and a few of the year's actual Giants:
Big Bird. He gets a reprieve.
Apple. A quirky company with (sometimes) quirky products but still a standout.
Zombies. The living dead are back, folks.
Nate Silver. Not a personal favorite of ours, but he was right.
The Avengers. Grossing $1.5 billion worldwide and counting.
Skyfall. The thinking person's James Bond turns out to be tons of fun.
Channing Tatum. More than Magic Mike.
2016: Obama's America. Cleverly titled, the year's biggest grossing documentary film.
Moonrise Kingdom. Instant cult classic.
Romney in the first debate. If only we could have stopped time.
Hispanics. A power to be reckoned with.
The status quo. You voted for more of the same, folks.
WG III and the Redskins. He's got The Right Stuff.
Michael Phelps. Embodying The American Dream.
Anne Hathaway. Delicious and super-talented.
Marco Rubio. Turns out not being selected as a running mate has huge advantages.
Mia Love & Allen West. Yeah, they lost but they'll be back.
Tim Tebow. He'll be back as well. Keep the faith.
Eddie Redmayne. It's not just the British connection.
The Philadelphia Museum of Art. Blockbuster shows done with panache by Timothy Rub and his fine staff.
Ann Curry. Fired? Nah. Nothing can tarnish this class act.
Cherry Hill Mall. But they do need more parking.
Kate Middleton. Whatever her title is, she's stellar.
Condoleezza Rice. Still brilliant.
The narrative. Is this really all anybody cared about? Really?
Bradley Cooper. It gets better.
Abraham Lincoln. Yes, he's in again -- this time as a crafty politician.
Chris Christie. The instincts, the timing, the realness.
FM 106 IQ Radio. Philly's hot new conservative voice.
Jan Brewer. Yeah, we like her attytude!
Big pharma.
Queen Elizabeth. Defining royalty.
Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton.
Annie. She's back on Broadway and better than ever.
Alfred Hitchcock. Dead, but more alive than many who pretend to be.
Hunter Hayes. Bright new country star.
Penelope Cruz. Just look at her!

The Losers, The Skunks, The Worst, a few certifiable Jerks and some who simply let us down:
Romney and the GOP. Big opportunity blown.
Simon Cowell.
Rupert Murdoch's The Daily. It seemed like a good idea.
Clint Eastwood. An empty chair is -- an empty chair!
Matt Lauer and the Today team. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
The Master. Does anybody care what it was really all about?
Project ORCA. GOTV was AWOL.
Iowa caucuses. Proved nothing, again.
Big mainstream media. Yeah, your guy won. But you're still dying.
Andy Reid, Michael Vick, The Eagles.
Swing state voters. Didn't come down to a single state so none of you won.
Chris Matthews. Tingle, tingle . . .
Susan Rice.
One Direction. Boy group fizzled?
Todd Akin.
California and Jerry Brown.
Madonna and Lady Gaga.
David Petraeus.
The Phillies.
John Roberts. Turns out we were wise to be suspicious.
Candy Crowley. Despite the fact that we actually like her.
The NHL.
Piers Morgan.
Stuart Stevens. Take the blame, fella!
Kanye West. Tiresome.
Alec Baldwin.
Bob Costas. Pompous.
Wayne LaPierre and the NRA. With a name like LaPierre . . . .
Donald Trump. Too many stunts.
Doomsday scenarios. Ain't gonna happen.
Joe Biden. How to lose while winning.
Ron Johnson and JC Penney. Get your act together, guys!
The Constitution. Revised, rejiggered, redefined, reinvented. Why?
America's voters. You bought it. It's yours. Deal with it.

Did we miss anybody?

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