Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christie On Newtown: 'Bad People Do Bad Things'

On his "Ask Governor Christie" program tonight on radio station New Jersey 101, Governor Chris Christie spoke on the Newtown killings.
Here's part of what he said:

“There was a lock on these doors,” You needed to be buzzed in to this school – he shot the door open, came in when people heard the crash, the principal and school psychologist came out to see it – he killed them both and then went on his way to kill a whole bunch of other people.
“Bad people do bad things. Disturbed people do bad things. And unless we have an armed guard outside of every classroom … it may be hard to stop. . . .
“I’ve got 3 kids in school here in New Jersey, and my stomach dropped the same way every parent’s stomach dropped when you heard that news…I just got sick to my stomach – but I also as Governor don’t want to give people false assurances either.”

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