Friday, October 24, 2014

GOP Will Take A Beating Nov. 4, No Matter What

No matter how the November 4 mid-term elections turn out the GOP will take it on the chin.
They'll take a beating.
You bet they will.
No, not necessarily at the polls. That's not what we're talking about.
The Republicans will take a beating from the biased, dominant media -- the three big networks, the New York Times, New Yorker, MessNBC, Washington Post, LA Times, PBS, NPR, etc. etc. - that whole crowd.
Here's what the imitative, dominant, unithink media will say:

1) If the GOP wins big, the dominant media will say "OK, Republicans -- now the ball's in your court. You only won because you weren't Democrats. You have no real ideas. This isn't a real victory for you. It's just a victory by default. Now, you've got to deliver. And remember - this victory will have no effect on the presidential outcome two years from now. You didn't lay a finger on Hillary. With Obama weakened, she's now the real leader of her party and the heir to the majority. Good luck, GOP. Your biggest triumph is behind you. You're cooked."
Or, they might say: "This election wasn't really about Obama. It was never nationalized. So, you won quite a few states that you were expected to win, anyway. No big deal. They were localized and state elections. There's no national mandate here. It means nothing. Nada. Nothing."

2) If the GOP squeezes out a bare majority in the Senate the Dominant Media will play it this way: "You had the chance of a lifetime and this is the best you could do? In the closest states, the Dems whipped your asses again. You're barely holding on by a thread, GOP. You have no real working majority. The Dems only need to peal off a vote or two in the Senate and you're finished. Obama did remarkably well. The future still looks progressive"

3) If the GOP loses, the Dominant media will gleefully parteee! They won't even try to hide their euphoria. They'll say: "Nobody should have been afraid of being associated with Obama. He was an asset, after all. Against all odds, he triumphed again. The GOP can't lay a finger on him. His political instincts are stellar and he's molded a new, permanent majority for out nation. We told you so. The Republican Party is dead, dead, dead and might never, ever re-emerge."

So, there you have it.
Trust us -- this is the way the media will play it.

For Republicans, our advice is this: Keep working, working, working right up through November 4 and don't worry about what anybody says about you. Push on to victory. The rest will take care of itself!

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