Tuesday, October 28, 2014

In NJ Vote 'NO!' On Ballot Question 2

Americans for Prosperity, New Jersey's leading advocate for taxpayers, says State Senate President Steve Sweeney’s concerns about the pension system are all the reason voters need to oppose Ballot Question 2 as they head to the polls next week.
“Sen. Sweeeney is right to focus on the pension problem, but here’s the issue: instead of making the pensions a top priority the senate president chose to put a public question on that ballot that will lock up billions of dollars via constitutional amendment for years to come,” said AFP state director Daryn Iwicki.
“AFP has said all along this is about the state’s fiscal priorities. Even if the pension system was funded at 85%, we’d be looking at around a $4 billion per year payment. The state needs every available dime to fix the pension system or to repair our roads,” continued Iwicki.
“If I were a public sector worker, the idea of spending billions on buying land over my retirement would frost me. There’s no way I would support Question 2.”
Iwicki said he hopes after Ballot Question 2 is defeated, all stakeholders should come together to find a way to free up the 4% corporate business tax dedication that remains.
“Even Jeff Tittel of the Sierra Club stated in testimony the current 4% CBT dedication has all but run its course and is no longer needed. That’s at least $80 million a year that could be going to our pension system or to help replenish our depleted Transportation Trust Fund.”
“We believe when voters hear our message and learn what is at stake they will vote Ballot Question 2 down next week. Afterwards, I hope we can redirect these monies toward addressing our pension and/or infrastructure problems.”

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