Saturday, October 18, 2014

Heading Up The Mountain To Rancho del Cielo

We've made it a point to visit many of the homes of our presidents over the years.
At these homes, one gains insight into the lives of the men who have served in the most powerful office in the world -- their backgrounds, their origins, their life experiences and their values.
Jefferson's Monticello, Washington's Mt. Vernon, Madison's Montpelier, Andrew Jackson's Hermitage, the dairy farm in Vermont where Coolidge grew up,  TR's Sagimore Hill, FDR's Hyde Park, JFK's childhood home in Brookline, Massachusetts, the LBJ Ranch on the Pedernales River and Lincoln's modest home in Springfield, Illinois. We've visited them all. And we've enjoyed each and every one.
Today we'll visit one more presidential property.
But this will be different, and very, very special.
Indeed, we expect it to stand apart.
In a very short time we'll journey from here at the Four Seasons Biltmore in beautiful Santa Barbara up to the mountaintop. When our 40-minute ride is completed we'll have a spectacular view from the St. Ynez Mountains -- the ocean on one side, the valley on the other.
But, more importantly we'll be at Rancho del Cielo - the Ranch in the Heavens.
We'll be at Ronald and Nancy Reagan's beloved retreat.
As guests of the wonderful Young America's Foundation we'll get a private tour of the home and the property -- a 600+ acre gem that served as both a hideaway and a working ranch. It's the essence of the man and the state he came to lead and love. And the whole thing speaks volumes about Ronald Reagan and his life and values.
The Young America's Foundation has taken tender loving care of the ranch and uses the property to teach new generations of Americans about Ronald Reagan's life, his story and his incredible presidency -- a time of unrivaled leadership and unprecedented peace and prosperity; a time of American exceptionalism.
We'll be telling you more as we head up the mountain.
Stay with us!

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