Saturday, October 18, 2014

PA. Joblessness Below National Average

In Pennsylvania, the Corbett-Cawley campaign today released the following statement from Governor Tom Corbett following another positive jobs report for Pennsylvania. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, the state’s unemployment rate has fallen to 5.7 percent. Employment rose by 11,000 and unemployment decreased by 8,000.

“We are building a stronger Pennsylvania each and every day, and that is reflected in today’s jobs report,” stated Governor Tom Corbett. “Over the past four years we have laid a solid foundation for our future and have undone the previous administration’s damage that left us with a $4.2 billion deficit and an 8.1 percent unemployment rate.

“While I am extremely optimistic of the direction our state is headed under my administration’s leadership, I am equally as worried about what will happen under a Wolf administration. Tom Wolf wants to take our income tax rate from one of the lowest rates in the country to the 8th highest rate in the country. Like the NFIB, which represents over 15,000 small businesses in Pennsylvania, I am worried that Tom Wolf’s massive income tax hike will impede an employer’s ability to create private sector jobs.

“Tom Wolf’s plan is to do his best President Obama impression though higher taxes and higher spending, and that is the reason why I wake up every morning and continue fighting for a stronger Pennsylvania.”

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