Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Confront Terrorism Now - And Fight Back!

From a Facebook friend:

Take a long look at this picture. Look closely. Look at every last detail.
It looks like the interior of every synagogue throughout the world. Every Jew and many gentiles have been in a room like this for a service or a celebration or a talk or presentation.
There was nothing distinct or different about this synagogue. The arabs who attacked it today and slaughtered Jews did not have a vendetta against this particular synagogue or congregation.
Whether you are in America or Europe or Latin America or Australia or wherever: It seems clear the arabs would like to do this in every synagogue, everywhere. Make no mistake.
Do you think you are immune?
Realize there are enemies who we cannot compromise with nor make concessions to. That will not stop their hatred and savagery. Pressuring Israel is not the solution. It just creates more of this.
Demand your government STOP GIVING IN TO TERROR!
Photo h/t: EF

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