Monday, November 17, 2014

Net 'Neutrality' - Why We're Suspicious

From our friends at the Save Jersey Blog:

By Scott St. Clair | The Save Jersey Blog

To paraphrase former President Ronald Reagan: Government regulation of the Internet won’t be a solution to the problem, it will be the problem.

So-called “net neutrality” is the first step on the road to government control and censorship of Internet content, not to mention an immediate imposition of greater cost to Internet users and new layers of government bureaucracy

The government, the technically brain-dead people who brought you Obamacare’s crash-happy website debacle, the fiascos of Solyndra and other allegedly “high-tech” green energy boondoggles, NSA snooping through our emails and the mysterious destruction of Lois Lerner’s and other government employees emails they were required by law to safeguard.

Who in his or her right mind trusts these people to keep the Internet free?

But, we’re told, ISP’s want to charge more for higher-speed content delivery, so one-size-fits-all access must be the rule. Perish the thought that innovation might have a cost! That thinking demands we also abolish first-class air travel since it’s “unfair” that some passengers can pay more to get comfortable seats, additional leg room and complimentary cocktails.

As it stands now, cheap, high-speed and reliable online access is available almost everywhere in the United States. Let’s keep it that way by keeping the government’s regulatory mitts off of the Internet.

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